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Ducati released the Scrambler two years ago with riders in mind. Whether you were a beginner or an expert, the Scrambler was a bike for those looking to ride on both pavement & rough roads. The versatility makes this bike a perfect choice for a once-avid motorcyclist looking to get back into riding. When the owner of this bike approached us for a build, we knew we had to make sure to create something that adhered to his spark for adventure while maintaining BCR’s signature aesthetic.


The original bike was a 2015 Ducati Scrambler full throttle model. We received the bike already donning a few aftermarket parts; Akrapovic slip-on mufflers, custom wire wheels, & custom LED lights. On top of these minimalist mods, the owner wanted a custom Scrambler that could be ridden around town that stood far apart from other Scramblers. The owner rides the bike regularly, whether it be to work or out of town back country roads. With this in mind, we built the bike with comfortability as the main priority.


As with all of our builds, we started with the gas tank. For us, the gas tank dictates the overall look of the bike. We wanted to maintain a similar tank capacity to the stock tank so we decided to keep similar dimensions. We made the new tank out of aluminum with a teardrop shape & made the edges sharp for a modern linear detail. We also added old school vinyl Ducati tank badges & flattened the sides to accentuate the detail. We made the tank fitted to the stock gas cap & machined a flange for the internal fuel pump. The new tank was mounted 2-3” higher than the stock tank to give extra attention to the Ducati trellis frame. The tank remained at bare aluminum to provide a handmade look.


After the tank, we scrapped the stock seat frame & fabricated a new sub frame out of ⅝” Chromoly tubing. The sub frame was set to line up with the bottom of the new tank & was slightly raised back to bring the bike to an aggressive stance. A new electrical box was also made to house the battery, ECU, ABS pump, as well as the bike’s other electronics. The stock tail light was reused & tucked in the rear fender for a sleek/stealthy look. The rear fender was shaped with sharp edges to again match the lines of the new gas tank.


With comfortability in mind, the bulky stock seat had to go. We maintained the width of the sub frame for the new seat, but tapered off the back to show the tail light. The seat is made of high density foam wrapped in vinyl with ribbed stitching. The seat mount was set like the stock mount & the stock seat locking mechanism was reused.

The stock front fender didn’t match the aesthetic we were going for so we fabricated a new one out of aluminum. We made the headlight rings out of stainless steel & kept the raw-brushed look to match the gas tank.

The Scrambler build was one of our favorites. The changes were subtle, but the bike now holds a new look, a new character, & a new attitude - all while maintaining the Ducati Scrambler aesthetic.

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